Felicita Parallel Coffee Scale

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Felicita Parallel Coffee Scale


Upgrade your coffee scale to the Felicita Parallel Coffee Scale. With 0.1g accuracy, bluetooth connectivity to an incredible app, and a rechargeable battery, this scale isn’t your average analog tool—it’s a smart, empowering one.

The scale can measure coffee, water, and anything else with 0.1g accuracy—more than enough precision for even the most studious pros. Rapid measurement makes sure you’re actually seeing real-time weight, rather than being a second or two behind. You can calibrate the scale right out of the box, thanks to the included 100g weight.

Boost the app’s value with the Felicita Coffee App. When connected via bluetooth, it records recipes and techniques, helps you discover brewing insights, and aids in precise brewing. 

The scale also features auto-tare and auto-timer modes that help you streamline your brewing process. And thanks to the water resistant build, heat resistant pad, and rechargeable battery, the whole device has a smooth, high-end feel about it.


0.1g Precision — Measure up to 2,000 grams with as much precision as you could need.

Rapid Response Time — Ensures you’re not a second behind when it comes to the true weight on the scale.

Multiple Modes — Auto-tare and auto-timer modes help you establish efficient brewing routines.

Water Resistant — Spill some water? No problem.

Bluetooth + Felicita Coffee App — Saves recipes, discovers brewing insights, and assists with brewing techniques.

Rechargeable Battery — Easily recharge via the Micro USB cord.

Calibration Weight — 100g weight allows you to calibrate the scale immediately upon arrival.

Thinner Build — Same powerful features as the Incline, but a thinner, more minimal design.

In The Box:

  • 1 x Felicita Parallel Coffee Scale

  • 1 x Micro USB Scale

  • 1 x 100g Calibration Weight

  • 1 x Heat Resistant Pad

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