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Bould Brothers is a business that is serious about quality. Max and Alex Bould founded Bould Brothers with a focus on passion and customer experience.

Photography by Angus Knights and Max Bould


the brothers

Max and Alex have over 10 years combined experience working with speciality coffee. Their focussed attention to detail and tireless pursuit of quality has produced Bould Brothers - the first step in a journey to bring more quality food and drink to Cambridge. 

Bould brothers Coffee best coffee in Cambridge

The coffee

We only source and serve the best coffee we can find. Our ethos is that speciality coffee is for everybody. We take a complex product and prepare with care. 

Bould brothers Coffee best coffee in Cambridge

The skill

At Bould Brothers we want you to be able to rely on a delicious experience - every time. This is why we only hire like-minded, highly trained team members to ensure consistency in taste.

Current Coffee Offerings

Throughout the year we will change the coffees that we offer based on where we are in the season and what is tasting best at the time. This way we can ensure a quality cup, year-round. Below are the Espresso and Filter Coffees you will find when you come and see us, in-store. 

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Filter 1 - Ethiopia

Name: Kochere Grade 1

Process: Natural

A full bodied and sweet filter, with notes of Clementine, Pomegranate and Funk.


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Espresso 1 - GUATEMALA 

Name: Seasonal House

Process: Washed

Super sweet espresso! Expect Rich Plum, Grape and Brown Sugar.

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filter 2 - VARIETY

Regions: Ethiopia/Kenya/El Salvador 

Process: Varied 

Our second filter coffee will change weekly or daily so you always have something interesting to choose from.

What Makes Bould Brothers Coffee Different?

We are keen to share our passion for great food and drink with you, and so we thought that it would be nice to share a few details of what makes us different from your run of the mill coffee shop or chain.

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Does Size Really Matter?

Yes, our coffee cups are generally smaller than what you typically find on the high street, but size does not guarantee quality or value for money. That is especially true in the world of coffee. We pack a serious amount of coffee, top quality milk and skill into our little packages. When we texture our milk, we make it thicker and creamier than it would normally be. This is done by a combination of heating, spinning and adding air to the milk. Unfortunately the milk only stays in the amazing state for a few minutes, so having a smaller drink is deliberate - it is perfectly balanced for taste and stays creamy right to the last sip.


Speciality Coffee

The quality of coffee beans is judged on a 100-point scoring system that assesses body, balance, uniformity, sweetness, clarity and acidity. Coffee that scores 80+ is considered specialty coffee. We only use coffee that falls into this category and regularly serve 90+ coffees - a very special group. 

Organic, Whole milk

We firmly believe that we are also in the milk business. It makes up about two-thirds of every (milky) drink. We only use the highest quality, organic milk available to us and texture it to a perfect 60 degrees Celsius. This way we break down sugars and fats to make it sweet and creamy.

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Really, Really good water

Ever wondered why the coffee and tea you brew at home can often taste so bland and muddy? Water needs a perfect blend of Magnesium, Calcium and Calcium Carbonate for coffee to taste as it should. At Bould Brothers Coffee we double filter and then re-mineralise our water.